Contact Opportunity Management

Coordinating Sales Practice Management efforts is complex without a Recommended Day™!

Fragmented Technologies

Multiple systems makes the process time consuming and risky.

Wasted Time & Money

The lack of automation often lead to waiting, rework and frustration.

Working at "Turtle Speed"

Slow adjustment to change leads to inability to work in "Real Time".

Risk of non-Compliance

The hodgepodge of systems means compliant over time is at risk.


Connect: People & Processes

Package is the foundation of the Digital Biz Hub providing a unique blend of control and flexibility.

  • Support, sales, marketing & compliance
  • Service, creative approval processes
  • Collaboration & internal forum
  • Knowledge sharing & libraries
Build a superior business by increasing the effectiveness of your strategies while.


Features highlight: Connect

  • Inclusive workflows and tools that engage all levels of your business
  • Various functions can assists sales members throughout the sales cycle
  • Provides non-sales users the opportunity to support holistic and individual sales efforts
  • Customizable roles and permissions to meet compliance needs
  • Upload your contacts from Outlook, Salesforce or any other system you’re using via CSV
  • Classify into groups and create new custom fields of the information you want to track that is important for you
  • Filters allow you to quickly pull reports from your various contacts and make adjustments as needed
  • Take notes for your contacts via compliant field that date stamps and shows history
  • Customer service manager platform
  • Create and reuse popular project templates
  • Establish objective, milestones and tasks
  • Delegate tasks to collaborating team members
  • Receive project notifications
  • Ability for users to send submittals to marketing or other support departments for additional value-added services
  • Can provide brand and messaging quality control by requiring service/creative approval prior to compliance review
  • Ability to make this feature available to all or selected users
  • Internal chat forum with ability to control who participates
  • Create categories and posts that are accessible to the organization or just your team
  • Subscribe to topics of interest and receive notifications to your inbox
  • Sales members can allow other support members to submit on their behalf while still be kept in the loop on what’s been approved and executed
  • Document library with unlimited digital asset uploads
  • Can support training, strategies, marketing or general business documents
  • Ability to set categories for easy user navigation
  • Filters allow quick sorting to get what you need
  • Capacity to upload various types of files including rich media
  • Easily manage all of your submittals via main dashboard
  • Shows drafts, submitted, approved, rejected and executed tasks
  • Tracks any changes and historical notes exchanged between user and compliance
  • System notifications of submittal state makes monitoring easy
  • Meets the most strictest regulatory requirement
  • Secure, protected with redundancies and business continuity plans
  • System notifications of pending items for approval
  • System metrics allowing to identify performance improvement opportunities
  • Filters makes retrieval of records quickly and easily
  • Flexible system to adapt to your policy needs
  • Unlimited creation of compliance forms to meet your needs
  • Ability to segment notifications and submittals from sales among various compliance/supervision users
  • Ability to setup keyword filters to reject comments, posts and replies from internal forum